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Polar Skate Co

The Sky Ain’t Falling – adidas in London, Paris and Biarritz

adidas Skateboarding’s Lucas Puig, Gustav Tønnesen, Heitor Da Silva, Niels Bennett, Tom Snape, Shin Sanbongi, Maité Steenhoudt, Silas Baxter-Neal, Reece Knobloch, Jack Fardell, Dan Fisher-Eustance, Sam Narvaez, Dennis Busenitz, Jenn Soto and Vincent Milou in Paris, London and Biarritz. Filmed and edited by Torsten Frank Additional filming by David Serrano.

Pocket: A Look Behind Last Resort AB

Pocket Mag linked up with the people behind Last Resort AB to find out how everything started, who else is behind it, and how they built the brand essentially from a storage room and their home offices. find out everything about the quote on quote “pleasant problem” they created to break free and create their own thing. Filmed & edited by Bennet Rahm with additional footage by Daniel Dent. Interview by Johannes Schön.

Overachievers – Bryggeriet’s gymnasium

2 teachers, 50 alumni from Bryggeriet’s gymnasium, Malmö, Sweden. This film pays homage to Dan Wolfe’s masterpiece Easten Exposure 3. John Dahlquist and Steffen Austerheim boosted by former students from 2006 and onwards, including Ville Wester, Oski, Fernando Bramsmark, Deedz and many more.

Dial Tone Wheels “Landline” Video

Featuring a torrent of East-Coast talent like Aaron Herrington, Trevor Thompson, Neil Herrick, Jahmal Williams and more. Mark Del Negro.


Timescan just shared their latest offering which features some of Japan’s finest, including the Hongo bros, Shinya Masuda and Shin Sanbongi! Filmed and edited by Rob Taro.

Karsten & Friends for Nike SB

Karsten Kleppan, Sarah Meurle, Gus Gordon, Vilma Stal, Nicklas Beniam, and Hjalte Halberg in the all-new Nike BRSB. Film and edit by Tor Ström.